Who is Tendrel for?

Tendrel support leading social entrepreneurs who are dedicated to increasing their organizations' impact and to transforming systems that perpetuate the very problems we're trying to solve.


What is Tendrel?

Tendrel is a global organization for social entrepreneurs. Through frequent connection and open exchange, Tendrel members build the underlying infrastructure necessary for social entrepreneurs to shape the way we approach social change.

How does Tendrel amplify impact?

Tendrel facilitates connection, exchange, and support among its members on both personal and professional levels through four key approaches: 


Networking, training, events, and engagement opportunities for Tendrel members and their families through partnerships with leading organizations creating social impact.


Monthly, confidential, and local peer groups for social entrepreneurs at similar stages to reflect, share, listen, and support each other through personal and professional growth.


Members’ close collaboration through Tendrel forums and events will build the underlying infrastructure to drive thematic agendas at the national and global levels.


Knowledge from the community translated into insights about the sector that will inform and evolve the field of social entrepreneurship.

Tendrel has launched 20 global forums with representation in 30 countries. With 155 members, we are growing rapidly and plan to launch Forums in Washington, D.C. + Paris + Nairobi.