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Membership Criteria

  1. Founder, CEO, President role of a social enterprise (previous or current)

  2. 6+ years of leadership experience

  3. Alignment with Tendrel values

  4. Commitment to collaboration for systems change

How to Join

If a Forum exists in your city (check here).

  1. Complete a membership application here.

  2. Have a call or meeting with the local Forum moderator to discuss openings, members, and themes to ensure it’s a right fit.

  3. Join and attend the next Forum meeting.   

If there is no Forum in your city, you may apply to start one.

  1. Complete a champion expectations agreement and membership application.

  2. Have a call with the Tendrel staff and leadership (we will contact you after receiving your application or you may email us,

Interested in starting or joining a Virtual Forum? Virtual Forums operate similarly to in-person Forums, except members connect over a video conference platform. For more information, please complete a membership application and a member of the Tendrel staff will contact you.


Tendrel forums are regular, confidential, and local peer groups where social entrepreneurs reflect, share, listen, and support each other through personal and professional growth.

Learn more about the Tendrel champions who drive these forums around the world >


Tendrel chapters operate at the city or regional level to organize forums, activities, and other events with their members (and families). As the community grows, Chapters will soon offer: 

  • Events: Networking, training, and exchange opportunities through partnerships with leading networks and organizations for Tendrel members and their families.


The connections made through the Tendrel community facilitate more than just personal and professional growth. As it grows, the network also aims to drive:

  • Systems insights: Knowledge from the community translated into research insights about the sector that will inform policymakers, investors, and more.