Overcoming Challenges for Entrepreneurs

Being a social entrepreneur committed to systems change isn't easy. Tendrel's offerings are designed to strengthen entrepreneurs, their communities, and their organizations by addressing:


  • Lack of time to build a network of peers
  • Being mission driven can take a toll on personal lives
  • High impact work balanced with high stress
  • Market structure for social change is imperfect
  • Competitive nature of social change work


  • Successful collaborations can be scarce
  • Difficulties in impact scaling
  • Limited flexibility in funder agendas
  • Funding challenges
  • Unfriendly regulatory environment for social change activities
  • Insufficient sustainable leadership development

Tendrel Features


Tendrel forums are regular, confidential, and local peer groups where social entrepreneurs can reflect, share, listen, and support each other through personal and professional growth.

Learn more about the Tendrel champions who drive these forums around the world >


Tendrel chapters operate at the city or regional level to organize forums, activities, and other events with their members (and families). As the community grows, Chapters will soon offer: 

  • Global database: Online platform housing information about forums, chapters, members, events, and marketplace for members to collaborate and exchange in-kind opportunities (coming soon).
  • Events: Networking, training, and exchange opportunities through partnerships with leading networks and organizations for Tendrel members and their families.


The connections made through the Tendrel community facilitate more than just personal and professional growth. As it grows, the network also aims to drive:

  • Systems insights: Knowledge from the community translated into research insights about the sector that will inform policymakers, investors, and more.
  • Advocacy: Members’ close collaboration through Tendrel forums, chapters and events will build the underlying infrastructure to drive advocacy agendas at the national and global levels.