What is Tendrel?

Tendrel is a global organization created by social impact leaders for social impact leaders.

Our members are exceptional social impact leaders, including social entrepreneurs, social business leaders and social institutions leaders, who focus on personal and professional growth driven by peer support and collaboration.

Our members come from diverse backgrounds, sectors, and geographies. Nonetheless, we have shared values by which to create a worldwide community of like-minded and leading social entrepreneurs. The Tendrel community embodies values such as the following:


Derived from Tibetan, ¨Tendrel¨ means “interconnectivity and interdependence,” or the idea that all phenomena exist because of a dependent relationship with other phenomena.

We recognize that having a more significant impact and making system changes require connectivity and collaboration.


Tendrel members are continually looking to grow in all aspects of their lives: personal, professional, family, and community.


Tendrel members respect the complex emotions and diverse experiences of others, which creates a safe space for growth.


Tendrel members follow strict confidentiality and non-judgmental communication. This enables everyone to be their authentic and vulnerable selves.


Tendrel members lead through trust and influence, not power. They focus on the needs of their mission and people, with an ethos of servant leadership.

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