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Alejandra Finol

Director of Digital & Social Media

United States

Alejandra is a wholesome and driven young woman with a dream to publish several books and travel the world. As a raw-food enthusiast, Alejandra launched a blog to share her message with the world that health and vitality come from food first. She spends her time learning and developing new ways to work with plant medicine and is working towards buying a property in the future to create her own version of Eden here on earth for natural healing and fasting retreats.

An inspired and budding writer, Alejandra began her professional journey not too long ago at a Tech Startup based in Miami called Shoot My Travel. She landed a promotion that gave her the confidence and knowing that her innate writing abilities were gifted for a higher purpose. Her words became more than the hundreds of pages that poured with the poetry she kept to herself and she became a storyteller. She discovered the power of her words, and how essential it was to draft and create campaigns carefully.

She studied at the University of North Florida and continues to work with meaningful brands and projects that allow her to produce high-quality heart focused work. She’s new to Tendrel and is so excited to connect with our members to curate and define the best voice and approach for the development of our organization for the betterment of our world and the kind humans who live in it!