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Creative Director


Dalton is currently the Creative Director of two membership-based organizations. The first, Tendrel, is a global non-profit organization focused on building local support groups, collaborative national networks, and global advocacy for Social Impact Leaders. The second, a membership-based organization of ‘Ultra High Net Worth Individuals’ is centered primarily on developing holistic wealth and family success. Within both organizations, Dalton is the lead creative and brand strategist; supported by a full-stack team of brilliant creatives and a loyal network of freelancers, he is integrated into a broad range of responsibilities in both organizations.

Prior to his current role, Dalton studied Fine Art, Philosophy and Design at Harvard University. Additionally, he was the Award-Winning Creative Director of a Web and App Development firm, spent time in Tibet (studying Tibetan Buddhism), and taught art in a slum outside of Nairobi, Kenya. These experiences inspired a design career centered around social impact and eventually led to Dalton’s position as the lead creative behind the “Tackle ALS” fundraising campaign in 2018 (which was featured in an Emmy-Nominated 60 Minutes episode). In his free time, Dalton is a lover of nature, music, snowboarding, hiking, sustainability and travel.