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Eva Kedar

Board Member


Eva brings a unique combination of global perspective, passion, education, energy and experience to her work.  Her eclectic experiences include being a diving guide in the Red Sea, a soldier, an entrepreneur and a traveler to exotic places. She is a management consultant, leadership coach, YPO certified Forum trainer and facilitator, entrepreneur and published author with a doctorate degree in Organizational Psychology.  Eva's experience varies from working with fortune 500 companies to startups, and in industries ranging from banking to entertainment to software. She has worked with or for companies such as First Interstate Bank, CBS, Great Western Bank, and Apple Computer. Eva is also a certified teacher of the Enneagram, a powerful, ancient model for understanding human behavior, personality types and leadership styles. She incorporates the Enneagram model in her consulting, coaching and forum work.  Eva has co-authored numerous articles about creativity and the new media for The Los Angeles Times and The Industry Standard, and in 1999 published a book about online entertainment: Digital Babylon: How the Geeks, the Suits, and the Ponytails Fought to Bring Hollywood to the Internet. The book has been written about in major publications such as:  The Boston Globe, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, San Jose Mercury News and The Industry Standard. Eva has appeared on professional panels such as the Churchill Club, and was interviewed for various radio and TV shows, such as Technician and Tech Now.  Eva is a global citizen. She was born and spent her early childhood in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Eva and her family immigrated to Israel, where she attended high school, served in the army, and completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees at the Hebrew University. She did her research work at the Brain and Behavior unit in Jerusalem and at Sussex University in Brighton, England.  After moving to the United States in 1987, Eva earned an M.S. and Organizational Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles.  She has lost neither her accent (in all four languages she speaks) nor her penchant for traveling the globe and throwing the best costume parties in the world!