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Jeroo Billimoria

Tendrel Founder


The founder of several innovative and award-winning NGOs, Jeroo Billimoria encapsulates what it means to be a social entrepreneur. She is a Skoll awardee, and an Ashoka and Schwab Fellow. She was ranked 3rd in the charity and non-profit category of Opzij’s Top 100 Influential Women, and awarded by the Union of Arab Banks for the achievements of the Child and Youth Finance Movement. In addition, Jeroo received a Royal Honor from the King of the Netherlands by being appointed Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau in 2018. Jeroo is considered among the world’s leading social entrepreneurs and is now working on her 9th entrepreneurial venture. Among her organizations are Childline India and Child Helpline International (CHI), which have facilitated a global movement for protection of children and youth and are active in more than 181 countries – having responded to over 160 million calls. Her previous organization, Aflatoun International, has succeeded in working with global partners to provide social and financial education to over 4.5 million children in more than 100 countries. Jeroo is also the founder of Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI), a global system change organization working with partners in over 150 countries to ensure financial inclusion and Economic Citizenship Education for young people worldwide. Jeroo has initiated an annual money awareness campaign Global Money Week, Ye! Community for young entrepreneurs, and the Global Inclusion Awards, which all are initiatives of CYFI. NGO Advisor recently ranked Aflatoun International, CYFI and CHI in the Top 500 NGOs World; ranked at 26th, 32nd and 84th place respectively. Jeroo’s organizations are, therefore, highly regarded in the non-profit network.