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Leandro Finol

Chief Marketing Officer


Leandro is dedicated to helping scale the impact of innovative social impact leaders with disruptive ideas that benefit humanity and the health of our planet.

Leandro was the Founder and Executive Director of The Idea Center at Miami Dade College, a non-profit academic institution, from 2014 until 2017. This world-class center was funded with a $5 million grant from Knight Foundation and launched ten innovative certifications for low-income students-including the largest coding program in Florida, in partnership with Harvard University and Babson College.

Leandro was an adjunct professor of Strategic Marketing at Millennia Atlantic University and Carlos Albizu University. Due to his role as a leader in the innovation ecosystem in South Florida, Leandro was invited to Israel by the American Jewish Committee to build bridges between Israel's technology entrepreneurs and South Florida's. As a result, he established the successful Startup Nation Conference in 2016, in partnership with Tel Aviv University and Israel's Government. This initiative has resulted in over 50 Israeli entrepreneurs visiting and expanding their startups through South Florida's investors and partners.

He is an angel investor of several technology startups, where he also provides strategic advice. For example, Leandro is the Chief Marketing Officer at Streann Media, a software-as- a-service company that allows broadcasters and content creators to launch a service like Netflix or Spotify in a matter of days. He is a partner and growth advisor at Believe Solutions, a leading software development company in Bolivia, and an investor and marketing advisor at Shoot My Travel, a professional photography platform operating in over 500 cities worldwide.

Originally from Venezuela, Leandro had the good fortune to earn a Fulbright Scholarship and receive his MBA in International Management from the Thunderbird Global School of Busines. He went on to start several entrepreneurial ventures. One of those companies was DIREC4U that he led to become the second-largest distributor of satellite television services in the country, reaching revenues of $76 million per year, prior to an acquisition by a NYSE public company. Leandro joined the Young President’s Organization (YPO) which he attributes significant professional growth to and is deeply committed to bring peer-to-peer learning to the social impact sector.

Married with four children, he is a creative, passionate builder committed to living life to the fullest, making time for spirituality and physical activity. He feels that he will live three lives! His first life was being a Venezuelan citizen until 1999; he is living his second life in Miami as an American citizen, and he is excited planning his third life as a Citizen of Spain in 2024.