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Ofir Kedar

Oasis Producer


Ofir is a serial entrepreneur and has created a dozen companies in the media, hi-tech, and non-profit fields.  Ofir started his career as the founder and CEO of SQRiBE Software, and Executive Chairman of Brio Software.  SQRiBE and Brio became leaders in the software industry and won numerous awards, among them “One of the fifty fastest growing companies in the Silicon Valley.”  Ofir has also been a venture capital investor, founding Wingspring, LLC, a Silicon Valley based venture capital firm.  Currently Ofir is actively investing in ‘Social Impact’ businesses – for profit entities that combine in their mission a commitment to make a positive impact in the world. In the non-profit area, Ofir is a co-founder of the YPO’s Peace Action Network (PAN), which initiated multiple events and forums bringing together business executives across conflict borders.  In the last ten years Ofir has also been creating media content to promote a peaceful solution to the Middle East conflict.  Currently Ofir is the CEO of Tomori Films, based in NYC.  Beginning in high school and continuing throughout his career, Ofir has had a passion for filmmaking and media.  At Tomori, Ofir is combing his love for filmmaking, his business experience, and his commitment to make the world a better place for our future generations.  Ofir received a Bachelor of Science at Hebrew University in 1984 and completed his graduate work at UCLA in 1988.