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Rodrigo Baggio

Tendrel Founder


Social Entrepreneur, Rodrigo Baggio is the president and founder of Recode, a global NGO with presence in 7 countries and 642 centers of digital empowerment. Since 2016, he has been leading ta pioneer purpose-driven a reality show on digital inclusion, broadcasted to more than 5 million people by TV Globo. Due to his work, Rodrigo has been recognized with more than 60 awards from organizations such as UNICEF, UNESCO, Time, Fortune, CNN and the World Economic Forum. He is also a fellow of the four leading organizations that support social entrepreneurs: Ashoka, Skoll, Schwab and Avina. In 2014, Rodrigo won the Entrepreneur for the World Award (World Entrepreneurship Forum), named one of the hundred "Young Global Leaders", and considered one of the 50 Latin American leaders who will make a difference in the third millennium (Time Magazine) and one of the 10 personalities in the world chosen as "Principal Voices" in the economic development field (CNN, Time and Fortune) along with the Nobel Prize Muhammad Yunus and the economist Jeffrey Sachs.