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Will Kennedy

Team Member

United States

William represents the finance team of Tendrel and is primarily engaged in monitoring the financial well-being of the company and evaluating potential business opportunities.

Prior to joining in 2020, Will was a member of Tiger Capital Group where he worked with distressed companies, modeling asset valuation and liquidation proceedings.

Will graduated from Babson College with a BS in business administration and concentrations in business analytics and finance.

Growing up, Will engaged in various competitive fields, helping guide his high school varsity football team to the Super Bowl, and becoming a cornerstone of the varsity lacrosse team. Through sports, Will discovered the therapeutic and rehabilitative powers of yoga. And from his movement and breath work, his meditation practice sprang forth. Will’s focus has been refined through a lifelong process of seeking knowledge and practicing. Without either one ever faulting, Will continues to learn and absorb from the world around him, taking a page from his guru, he seeks to be a practitioner of all and master of none.

Will’s passion lies within sustainability and independence. He envisions a world where each community, no matter the size can focus on local produce and energy. Will is a proponent of small-scale farming, ranging from the farmer on a few hundred acres down the road or garden plots in your backyard. His message is start small and Will encourages composting, vegetable gardens, and chicken coops. He believes in the need for micro-grids that exist on the fringe of the central grid, supplying energy when necessary, but self-sufficient and reliable under any conditions. Will encourages each and every individual petition their local authorities to decrease dependency on their local utility and to vote with their fork.