Our purpose is
to architect an oasis for social impact leaders to flourish

Flourish: to grow luxuriantly as a result of a favorable environment

The practice of designing and building an environment that did not previously exist.
A fertile or green area in an arid region, that provides refuge, relief, or pleasant contrast.
Founders, executive directors, CEOs, and entrepreneurs working on non-profit and social enterprises.
To grow luxuriantly as result of a favorable environment.

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Changing the world isn’t easy.

Tendrel provides a unique place where I can find support, discuss situations that are sensitive, and receive feedback to help me solve my problems

Don’t go it alone.

As social impact leaders, we face a unique set of challenges. Our relentless commitment to the mission, funding gaps, complex funder demands, and competition for resources can lead to an overwhelming sense of isolation, making it difficult to achieve the level of positive impact we envision for the world.

Follow our lead.

Tendrel is leading the global change community in a completely new direction. Using evidence-based methods of leadership development such as peer support and mentorship, we help social impact leaders develop the personal and professional skill set needed to lead effectively in the face of these challenges.

We have strength in numbers.

As our global membership grows, so too does our capacity to advocate on behalf of our members for the support, resources, and access to funding that is desperately needed right now. Together we are better leaders, make better decisions, and drive greater change than any of us could on our own.

Lead for radical impact

We have the perfect place to start.

We call it the Tendrel Oasis. Think of it as a space abundant in the time and resources you need to flourish as a social impact leader. It's a constructive environment where peers serve as caring coaches and thoughtful mentors who help each other cultivate the leadership skills required for effecting radical impact, now.

You first, then the world.

Focus on your wellbeing, and you'll find the resilience it takes to lead for radical positive change. By cultivating self-awareness and self-care, you foster your personal and professional wellbeing and gain the resiliency to take on the challenges of being an effective social impact leader.

We’re in this together.

As a member, you'll have the opportunity to join a Tendrel Forum: a small group of social impact leaders who meet regularly in a confidential and structured setting. These moderated meetings provide you with the opportunity to learn from the expansive knowledge and experiences—both successes and failures—of peers who have dealt with situations similar to your own. You'll gain a broader perspective of your personal and professional challenges, along with practical insight, mentorship, and peer support to achieve your goals.

Accelerate & amplify your impact

We can show you how.

Central to Tendrel's mission is fostering collective action to spur innovation through the sharing of resources, learnings, and best practices. Collaboration takes off in the Tendrel Forums—then our global collaboration network takes it to a whole new level. It expands your access to our members' vast collection of expertise and knowledge, enabling you to locate the information and resources you need to achieve faster, more extensive, and more impactful change.

We call it radical collaboration.

True collaboration happens when social impact leaders shift focus from organization-level goals to network-level impact. This allows for a broader set of solutions where multiple facets of a social issue are addressed at the same time. Bringing together organizations and coordinating a range of interventions aimed at addressing the interdependent parts of a problem has a synergistic effect that accelerates and amplifies our impact.

Tendrel has made me think, reflect deeply, and redesign my organization

We're revolutionizing how Social Impact Leaders make change

We're revolutionizing how Social Impact Leaders make change

We invite you to join us.

We are non-profit and social enterprise CEOs, executive directors, and entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, sectors, and geographies. Join our global community of extraordinary social impact leaders and learn how to think more innovatively, lead more effectively, and create the change the world needs now.

Tendrel members are willing to share their experiences, offer sound advice and support, and allow access to their networks.